Nainital Willows

Ultimate Guide: Nainital Willows from Delhi

How to reach Nainital Willows from Delhi – by Road

Route Overview:

Delhi to Nainital Willows


A Mesmerizing 6-Hour Scenic Drive


Distance: Covering 300 Kilometers of Natural Beauty

How to reach Nainital Willows from Delhi – by Air

The nearest airport is Pant Nagar, approximately 60 kilometers away from Nainital Willows.

How to reach Nainital Willows from Delhi – by Rail

The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, situated about 28 kilometers from Nainital Willows.

Nainital Willows, located in the beautiful surroundings of Nainital, offers a luxurious yet budget-friendly homestay experience. With a stunning view of the lake from your private balcony and terrace, this is your perfect escape in the heart of Nainital.

Home Comforts, Resort Luxury – Nainital Willows

Our cozy rooms provide a comfortable and indulgent stay, giving you the best of both worlds.

Lakeview Bliss: Wake up to the peaceful sight of Naini Lake. Step onto your private balcony or the terrace to take in the breathtaking views – a serene start to your day.

Affordable Luxury: We prove that luxury can be affordable. Our budget-friendly rooms ensure that you enjoy the comforts you deserve without overspending.

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Explore Nainital's Charm

Nainital is a place waiting to be explored, and Nainital Willows is your perfect base.

1. Boat on Naini Lake: Just a stone's throw away, the Naini Lake invites you for a tranquil boat ride surrounded by green hills.

2. Visit Naina Devi Temple: Seek solace at the sacred Naina Devi Temple, offering stunning views of the town.

3. Hike to Naini Peak: Adventure seekers can trek to the Naini Peak, the highest point in Nainital, for incredible Himalayan vistas.

4. Shop on Mall Road: Enjoy shopping and local cuisine on Mall Road, a bustling spot in Nainital.

5. Snow View Point: Take a cable car to Snow View Point to capture mesmerizing snow-capped peaks.

Delight in Local and International Cuisine

Our in-house restaurant serves up delightful local and international dishes. Savor these culinary delights while taking in the lake's panoramic view.

Plan Your Retreat Now at Nainital Willows

Nainital Willows offers more than a stay; it offers an experience. Whether you're a nature lover, an adventurer, or seeking Nainital has it all. And at Nainital Willows, you have the ideal place to start.

Don't miss out on this budget-friendly, lake-facing homestay. Book your stay at Nainital Willows for an unforgettable Nainital adventure. We can't wait to be part of your journey!

Nainital willows a Solo Adventure:

In recent years, solo travel has become a trend, and for good reason. It offers a unique chance for self-discovery, adventure, and a deeper connection with the world. Nainital Willows in India is a perfect destination for solo travelers. In this blog post, we'll explore why going on a solo trip to Nainital Willows is an experience worth considering.

1. Reconnecting with Nature

Nainital Willows, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, is a haven for nature lovers. With its lush forests, pristine lakes, and stunning mountain views, it's an ideal place for some quality "me time." When you travel solo here, you can fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

2. Cultural Delights

Solo travel allows for unique interactions with locals. Nainital Willows is known for its friendly residents who are eager to share their culture. You can explore local markets, savor delicious regional cuisine, and partake in cultural festivities, all while making meaningful connections.

3. Solo Adventures

For the adventurous souls, Nainital Willows offers a range of heart-pounding activities. From paragliding over breathtaking landscapes to trekking in the mountains, there's something for everyone. As a solo traveler, you have the flexibility to choose the adventures that suit your interests.

4. Self-Discovery

During your solo trip, you might uncover hidden talents and interests. Whether it's photography, journaling, or simply finding peace in the mountains, this journey can be a catalyst for personal growth.

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Nainital Willows - Itinerary for a solo trip:

Day 1: Arrive in Nainital Willows and check into your accommodation. Enjoy a boat ride on Naini Lake and dine by the lakeside.

Day 2: Explore the Naina Devi Temple and the eco-cave gardens. Connect with local artisans and shop for souvenirs.

Day 3: Take a thrilling paragliding adventure and hike to Tiffin Top for a stunning sunrise view. Spend the evening reflecting on your journey

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